God Gives Forgiveness by Zoey

God Gives...2014


…Forgiveness to the sinner. One area is Gossip.  It’s offense can close the heart of people and we should not take part because of this fact. Even God warns us to not be gossips. This single act of gossip conflicts with His greatest commandments; to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love others as you would want to be loved. If you close the heart of a person due to your own closed heart & mind, you will grieve the Holy Spirit. Think about that.


The saying that misery loves company is truer than fiction.  Don’t try to usurp  the authority of the Lord at work in a person(s) life because of your faulty thinking, hate, prejudices, jealousy and unbelief. Ignorance blinds the heart to the truth. People will fail you but Jesus sticks closer than a brother.  Let Jesus wipe the slate clean in your heart and change your life.  He will fill you with His presence; just open your heart to him.  God’s perfect Grace is  where His Love abounds towards a person that seeks repentance. He asks that we not sin again, so don’t. Replace the urge to be dependent upon these vices in your life.  Instead seek out what is good and righteous in God’s eyes. Draw near to God. Take the perspective that you belong to God for all eternity, because you do.  Make a concerted decision to live from this moment  forward in His Grace – for it is sufficient for all your needs.

Ps.119:41, Philippians 4:1, Luke 19:5-9, Prov.16:28,

Mat.15:2-14, Mat. 22:37-40,Romans 1:18