God Gives Identity by Jenni Sahagun


There is a constant war going on in our lives to establish our identities.

By identities I mean, who I am, what is my purpose and how I feel about that. Every moment of my life I see this battle. What I see is a constant conflict between who God says I am and what circumstances, situations, trials, and my relationships are demanding I acknowledge and live by. There is a trial reality and God reality. The trial reality operates from my soul realm…..what I think, what I feel, what I see. Those things want to define me. Whereas, God reality flows out of my “new Spirit in Christ Jesus,” and consists of God’s word defining me.


We are meant to become what God calls us for that is what our purpose is. God gives us identity for these reasons, so that we can know who we are, to understand our purpose and in the process have the needs of our souls met in Christ. This is why we need to renew our minds to what God’s word says, so our God identities become more real then our soul identities. So, we can recognize identity theft when it happens. We are who Christ says we are and that is the all.

Today, soak your mind in who God says your are…..let it penetrate the depths of your being.