God Gives Love by Zoey

Reflections of Love_2014


God knew you before the foundation of the world. Imagine that! He sent you here upon the hope of all that is good. Each one destined for His glory. What love. We have been given the promise, which is the hope of eternal salvation to us before we were born and came into this world.


It takes a lot to grasp the full measure of this unconditional love from our God. It is kindness, tenderness, nurturing and merciful. We can celebrate every day the love of our Savior towards us. We can share that same love with someone, for it is given freely to us and we can give it freely to another. Don’t qualify love and don’t allow someone to qualify love for you. God’s love is unfailing and without qualifications. He loves you and Gives His Love towards all of mankind. Love God with all your heart, soul and body. Be filled with God’s love! Rejoice and Live His Love!

John 11:25, John 17:23-24