God Gives Stability



When everything seems to be crashing and tumbling down around you, disappointment overwhelms your heart and feelings of outrage, like a storm, brews in your mind.  You are lost and downhearted. Answers seem to be mute and elusive.  You need relief and solutions.  The trials in your faith seem to be increasing instead and you ask “where is the end to all of this”? Don’t despair!


Within you is a wellspring of comfort from the Holy Spirit which you can tap into. It is there to provide stability and set your feet back on sure ground.  Take time to talk to God in the quiet place of your soul. For He is your answer in due time, even when this life gets difficult. He is the lifter of our soul.   He will give His stability and strength to endure the fiercest storm  and no harm will touch your soul. He is our God and we belong to Him for all eternity.

John 16:22-24