Jenni ~


Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! You are in the right place at the right time. It is time to be taught of the Lord. It is time to learn new ways of thinking and being. It is time to recognize strategies the enemy is using to deceive us. IT IS OUR TIME!  Together, let us allow the Holy Spirit to teach us about our minds and God’s plan for His way of thinking. We will be using both the book and workbook called, The Battle Field of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. We will read a chapter a week and share as the Lord leads. This is an informal study.  This page is to help us be accountable for reading and applying. However, it is also for praise and encouragement as we each learn.

I am praying for us:


I just invite you to be the Lord of this study. As you help us to learn of you, unite our hearts to encourage, strengthen and build each other up. Give us hearts that honor you. Help us to prioritize our time to seek you first. Help us to hear your voice and receive your love, approval, and acceptance. Your word says, that as we delight in You, You delight in us. Each of us has a part of your heart. I pray, Lord that you would just flow out of our learning processes and help us to touch and comfort one another. Give us the right words at the right moments. Reveal Yourself to us. We want to know you. Let this training time be blessed. Help us to put into practice what You are teaching us. Let us become women who allow your Word to transform our lives. Be the Lord of our discussions. Help us to have wisdom and discernment as we speak to one another. Let your words flow out of us. You are the God who never fails and who is always faithful to complete the good work you started in us. Help us to see that good work and to feel secure in You. Help as to have balance as we study. To see the places we need to change but also the places we are making good choices. Give us the right perspective. Help us to know you truth and to practice it with grace. I just praise you in advance for these life changing moments that are coming to us all. Your steadfast love, never fails! In Jesus Name, Amen

Please have the Introduction and first chapter read, as well as the work book done so we may all be on the same page on April 27, 2013. I will update each week, on Saturday.



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