Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers: Chapter 17

Hello Dear Friends,

As I read about the Israelites not taking responsibility I begin to ask myself what is my responsibility? I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Wrong person to ask!” My heart was convicted. See, when I asked myself that question, I answered it and often the answer was wrong. God has the right answer 100 % of the time, so He is who I need to be asking. So I have stopped asking myself and have started asking God. Much better answers and much better results. My life has improved greatly. I am not over burdened with too much responsibility or stuck in a place because I have taken too little responsibility. Another words, I am growing and moving.

Lately, it has been, “Lord, please show me my part of this journey to health. Show me how to take responsibility for the things you would have me take responsibility for.” This has relieved me so much. It helps me to release my opinion of how I think it should look, but it also brings my focus off my way of doing it and seeing it and puts it on God’s ability. I love that for God’s ability is amazing!

Joyce writes: “To be responsible is to respond to the opportunities that God has placed in front of you.” There are so many opportunities, both good and bad in my life. One of them is the opportunity to be stressed about how long my body is taking to lose weight. This is my opportunity to trust God or trust Jenni. I must choose. The bible clearly states in John 14:1 “Do not let your heart be troubled…….” I have power over my heart’s state of being. When stress or discouragement rises up, I need to take the responsibility that God has given me to see the victory. It is my job to not let my heart be troubled. How? By trusting Jesus. But what does this look like?

I am trusting Him with this journey of becoming healthy. Faith comes by hearing His word. So I am searching His word and allowing Him to transform my mind. So when agitation rises up concerning any area of life, I have a choice. I usually respond by getting all fretful and agitated. But now I am learning that as I seek God in the moment and speak out His word so I can hear it, faith is built up in me. As I listen and believe, my heart returns to its place of peace, firmly trusting in Jesus.

His job is to transform me but it is my responsibility to read and apply His word. So when trouble comes, and it most assuredly will, I will be able to give permission for my emotions and mind to remain in His peace instead of allowing them to run wild with agitation and fear. He has been teaching me how to take responsibility. His responsibility empowers me and allows me victory.

Here is my prayer:


I just pray for all who are reading this, that You would teach them what their individual responsibilities are. Especially, for those of us who are in trial. That every place we are out of balance that you would just rotate our hearts and bring it into alignment with You and your word. Help us only to take the responsibility that You have purposed for our lives. Help us to lay down everything else. Thank you for transforming us all as we seek your face and trust in You. Also for empowering us to walk in authority over our emotions and thoughts. In Jesus Name,

1 thought on “Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers: Chapter 17”

  1. I will share one of Joyce Myer’s statements from her conference:
    “Renew your mind DAILY. Set your mind up for VICTORY! Make your mind up! Don’t live in bitterness, resentment, sick! Get GLAD! Find your way out of the burdens of life that best you. FOCUS on what you want. Just making your mind up and setting your focus on your vision is going to increase your JOY right away. SHAKE OFF the lukewarm, lazy, apathetic, poor me attitude and you’ve got to say “I HAVE MADE MY MIND UP! and I’m going to do (fill in the blank)…and DO IT!!!

    Don’t listen to the devil when you think….”that’s going to be too hard!…” The word of God say…”Do no faint in your minds.” The minute you give up in your mind, the devil is having a party! Instead “GIRD up the loins of your minds! It’s going to be a battle, the devil will take advantage. Look up in His word how God will promise to bring justice into your life!” Joyce Meyers Battlefield of the Mind Conference DVD. (slightly paraphrased) 🙂

    My prayer,

    Lord cause me with gladness of heart to eagerly be responsible for those things that you continue to place in my heart & life. amen.

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