Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers: Chapter 9

Hello Dearest Friends,

How good it is to study His word with you. love
I have been having so many opportunities to practice what I am learning. I feel like I am getting lots of field experience.bigsmile

I had to laugh when I saw the heading of this week’s study. For I have been wondering so much. In fact this week has been filled with much wondering for me. I have been wondering how to release and process my emotions over the beginnings and ends of seasons in my life. I have been wondering if I am really doing what God has called me to. I have been wondering how to focus on what I need to while doing all the million other things my life demands.  I wonder, wonder wonder………… So, this chapter was written just for me.

I want to start with this verse:

heart 1 Peter 1:13(KJV)

13 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;

When I start the chapter, I usually read the scripture first. The words “gird up the loins of your mind” caught my eye. I ‘”wondered” what that phrase meant. My personality loves puzzling and figuring out things. I love problem solving. I love pondering. So when I read Joyce’s definition of wondering as “a feeling of puzzlement or doubt” and in the verb form as “to be filled with curiosity or doubt,” I felt very concerned. I sought the Lord. The Lord began to show me “wondering” balanced by His Holy Spirit.

Scripture tells us in Luke 6:44, “that each tree is known by its fruits.” What are the fruits of my wondering? Does my wondering lead me to peace, love, joy, faith,….Jesus? Or does my wondering lead me to endless questions and dead ends that depress my soul and oppress my heart? Truthfully, I experience both. Yet, as I practice disciplining my mind, by renewing it to His word, to think on those things that are lovely, pure and of good report, my fruit is becoming more consistent. My focus is increasing. My mind is becoming a peace field, because He always wins the battle in my thought battlefield. That brings me peace!

What I am noticing is if my focus is on God and His Word, my wondering produces images of God’s greatness and His excellent ability to provide what I am wondering about. His Holy Spirit brings me to His answers, which produce His life in me now. See, I really agree with Joyce, who writes  ‘The present moment is the greatest gift we have from God, but if we are not present we miss it.” If our “wondering” keeps dragging us backwards or any “wards” away from the God of now, then we need to submit them to God and ask for help. This takes us back to keeping our thoughts on Him, by renewing our mind to what He says about our lives. To let His word be the absolute standard we live by.

This why we must gird up the loins of our minds. The loins of our mind, is the place we allow our thoughts to replicate, to reproduce. It is our imagination. We wonder with our imagination. Here is what the Strong’s Greek Dictionary define it as”reproductive” (creative) capacity of the renewed mind ” When we renew our minds to His Word, we begin to think like He does and imagine like He does. He has given us that capacity and capability.

I also looked up that word ‘girding” in the Strong’s Greek dictionary. Here is the definition, “brace up (with a view to active exertion); a metaphor from the girding of the flowing tunic, to prevent its hampering one in active work.” From the commentary, I read that this is a reference to the oriental custom of wearing flowing robs that they kept at the ready to sweep up and flee and or run to do their work. We are to keep our minds ever ready to do God’s work. To think His thoughts, so we may speak His word. Our minds must be renewed to His word, so that our imagination will have the correct DNA to reproduce with. So that we give birth to His will and His purpose in our lives. This is so exciting to me. God cares about my imagination and has provided for me to learn how to use it.

So to recap….wondering that produces the fruit of indecision, confusion, and traveling around the same desert for 40 years in a circle is not the wondering that we want to do. Wondering that is based on believing God can do anything, and imagining it according to His word is definitely the way to go. This kind of wondering will reproduce His life in our “nows.” This kind of wondering begins with focus on Him and His Word. This wondering increases faith and provokes action.


Thank you so much for caring about every part of us. For making provision for us to learn how to operate in the gifts you have given to us. I just ask you, Lord to be the Lord of our wonderings. Bring balance to our lives in this area. Help us to focus on You and wonder, be curious to ask and imagine your greatness and Your power to meet our needs. Not doubtful and hesitant as we ask. Help us to live in the now, where you are, not in the past hurts and disappointments, or future fears and worries. Be the Lord of our thoughts, our imaginations, and our emotions. In Jesus Name, Amen. heart

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