Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers~~Chpt. 2

Chapter 2

heart heart heart “One of the best aids to freedom is asking God for a lot of help–and asking often.” heart heart heart

Dear Ones,

This weeks focus is learning to prioritize our thinking… that Godly thinking becomes our highest priority. This is what being a wise steward of our thoughts looks like. I must admit that up until recently, my thoughts were allowed free reign in my head. Needless to say, this resulted in much turmoil in my emotions. I am now learning how to discipline my thoughts according to His word. I am asking and asking for His help but spending my thought time on His answers. I love how He is teaching me to walk in the freedom He has provided. For truly, I didn’t know how and am only just beginning to understand. Just as God had to teach the Israelites how to be free, to come out of that slavery mentality, He is teaching me to stop thinking like an “Egyptian.” I am no longer a slave to my thoughts. I submit only to God. He is necessary for my vitality and a vital necessity for my life.

I would like to share with you something that taught me what a vital necessity is. Almost 12 years ago, my beautiful baby girl was born. The birth went awesome and she was perfect. We brought her home and my husband went to take a shower. I was holding her in my arms and suddenly her whole face began to turn purple. She stopped breathing. My mom was with me and called 911. I was panicked and I begin to rubbed her arms and face and to undress her. Finally, she took a breath and started breathing again. The fire men arrived and saw her all pinked cheeked and rosy. They felt like I over reacted. They could only see her completely normal and breathing. They could find nothing wrong. But I knew something was not right. I had my husband drive me to the doctor’s office and the doctor was very concerned about what she saw. She had us go the hospital. During this time, Soliana had stopped breathing three more times. Each time, I had to touch her and speak to her to get her breath. Sometimes, she breathed right away and sometimes it took a few seconds. They ran all kinds of tests but couldn’t pinpoint what was going on. They sent us home and had nurse come with us to train us in how to use the heart monitor and to do infant CPR.

The nurse had just hooked Soliana up the the monitor and was instructing us to not touch her when the alarm went off. She wanted Soliana to self correct. That is when the alarm went off. Soliana was getting more purple by the second and the alarm did not trigger her to breath. Finally, the nurse begin to touch her and stimulate her to breath. Soliana breathed. Human touch was a vital necessity to Soliana. Without it, I believe she would have died. We spent the next six months with the heart monitor going off at all times of the day. Each time, I would pick her up and touch her and speak to her. Her ability to breath depended completely on us being able to stimulate her and touch her. She eventually grew out it.

I want His Word to be the most important thing in my life… that my life depends on it. I see myself just like my Soli, I am an infant in this “training my thoughts arena.” I can go hours and days without really focusing on Him and it steals my life. Gently, the Holy Spirit strokes me with His Word. His touch radiates life and brings me back to walking in the Spirit. It is not about me self correcting. I cannot. Fleshly positive thinking does not bring life……Only His touch does that. His word, His breath in me. I have asked Him to help me desire Him. To show me how to make Him a vital necessity in my life. It is His touch that brings me His Spirit.

This is my focus for you this week:

Ask the Lord to give you a desire for Him. To teach you how to long for Him. Begin everyday and end everyday with a version of that request and see what happens. It is not about you building relationship with Him but allowing Him to draw you into relationship with Him. Just like the alarm did not cause Soliana to breath, this is not about us praying more or reading more. It is about trusting Him to create in us a heart for Him. We are not dating God. We are allowing the Holy Spirit to woo our hearts. To teach us how to love Him. He is the perfect teacher because He is love. His love is vitally necessary for us all.


I pray over us all,  that you would help us all learn to desire you. Give us an unquenchable thirst for you. We long to know you. In knowing you, learn how to walk that out in our daily lives. Help us to set our minds on and seek you first in all that we do and say. Help us to recognize where we are holding our breath….and not breathing in your life. Help us to breath you in. Allowing you access to our most intimate places. Be the Lord of our lives. Be the Lord of our thoughts. Be the Lord of our words. In Jesus Name, Amen

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