“My ALL in ALL” 2 April 2014

“They ALL became encouraged.”

Acts 27 v 36


In Acts 27, Paul’s faith and encouragement was one of the main reasons that he and his shipmates survived the voyage and the shipwreck. He knew how to stay encouraged and how to encourage others in difficult times.

I think of all the times in my life that I have allowed myself to be drawn to the brink of despair, only to be encouraged by my Sisters in Christ. Their encouragement allowed me to rethink my position and remember that the LORD works ALL things for good. Whether it is evident at that moment or not, I have FAITH to believe that He see’s the big picture. I may be walking in the rain for a time, but that very rain will quench the dry field, and soon flowers will bloom. I must rely on fact that no circumstance stands alone. Sometimes it takes a little pain to see the gain. I have to be obedient and trust GOD with ALL my heart, despite what the world is showing me. God can overcome ALL.

Take some time today and spread some encouragement.

For His Glory,


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