My ALL in ALL, 4 Feb 2014

“Even the hairs of your head have all been counted.” Matt 10v30

In the 10th chapter of Matthew, Jesus was sending out his disciples to preach his ministry. He knew they would be persecuted, he wanted to assure them that the Lord was watching them, and thus, would care for them. By telling them that “even (all) the hairs on your heads have been counted” Jesus was pointing out just how close the good Lord knew them, and was watching out for their safety.

I myself, sometimes forget that the Lord knows the count of hairs on my head. In fact, He knows ALL of me-my physical body, my thought’s and my soul. My wishes, dreams, aspirations, and of course, my sins. ALL of me. How wonderful. In my conversations with the Lord, I don’t have to give Him any “background” info-He knows it..ALL. He knows everything, closer to me than my beloved mother, beloved friends, my child,. How comforting.

Think about that next time you go into prayer..

See you tomorrow-God willing 🙂


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