My “ALL in ALL” March 4, 2014

“Consider well the path of your feet, and let all your ways be established and ordered aright.” ~Prov 4v26


Just as I would not just get into my car and leave for a trip without prior preparations, the LORD reminds me to consider my next step in life. To reach my goal (residing with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for eternity< at least this is MY goal), I need to “set my eye on the prize,” and plan carefully my steps. If I was taking a “trip” this would be equal to obtaining a map, and mapping out my destination, with gasoline stops, and rest breaks along the way. I would like to know which route is the most direct, without road construction or other obstacles.To reach my spiritual goal, I would read the Word, which gives me ALL the insight about the obstacles I will face, and how to respond to unexpected accidents along the way.

For my “road trip” I would stock up on munchies and “road trip” goodies-sunflower seeds, beef jerky, Hot Tamales, and bottles of water for the long trip. On my spiritual quest, I must have endurance, which comes from a heaping bowl full of “daily bread,” to keep my mind and body healthy for this trip.

Now that I am on the “right path” spiritually, I can expect that Satan is growing weary of my journey, and has plans to reek a little/a lot(?) of havoc in my path. It is a good thing I have planned for these “obstacles” and have memorized passages of TRUTH which come to my mind in when navigating around obstacles. I sure don’t want to get distracted from my destination, even though I know Satan would be pleased if I veered of course altogether!

So, you see, a bit of preparation can help me reach my destination!

1 thought on “My “ALL in ALL” March 4, 2014”

  1. Nicolette:
    I love this!!! Every single word, sentence and teaching!! It is so true, a servant leadership is a journey that is an endeavor for a life time. It is an element of our ministry here at Tapestry. I appreciate your time to teach us with straightforward thinking and how to interact with transparency before our Lord and each other. I love you so much my sweet sister-for-eternity ~Zoey

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