Equipped By God By Naomi Sahagun


10155326_10152142451544482_5554298826824951711_nWhen Jenni asked me to consider doing another blog, I was honored and hesitant at the same time. I have read a number of other blogs on this site and was feeling intimidated by the depth, insight and wisdom that has been shared among all of you. Even though I have grown up in the church from the time I could crawl, and attended a Christian college in order to pursue a career in church ministry, Biblical knowledge has never been a strong point of mine.I cannot quote you verses off the top of my head, nor am I able to accurately list the Bible stories and events in chronological order. I could probably spell all the books of the Bible but I may not be able to tell  you what each book is about. I cannot remember if Cain killed Abel or if it was the other way around.5233809

I love the famous quote from St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel. And, if necessary, use words.” I may not be able to paraphrase, interpret, or adequately explain what Paul’s letters to the Romans really mean, but I can show you how my life has been changed by the Holy Spirit. I can show you what God meant when He called us to love our neighbors as ourselves and forgive those who do us wrong. So, when Jenni asked me to prayerfully consider what I could share with you, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy–“What would I possibly have to say that would be insightful and informative? You all have beautiful, articulate ways of bringing God’s Word to life…I don’t.” I must have started five different entries, all different topics, when I suddenly realized I knew exactly what God wanted me to share.


It is natural to feel inadequate to be a messenger of God’s Word. We all have our personal reasons–“I’m not a good speaker.” “I’m too shy.” “Someone else can say it so much better than I could.” “I don’t have enough Biblical knowledge and I’ll look foolish trying to explain why I am a believer.” But, when you look at the people God chose to preach the Gospel, they weren’t always the best public speakers (Moses) or most obedient (Jonah). Jesus’ disciples were ordinary men who had been empowered to spread the Good News. Our faith stories were not meant to be hidden and kept a secret. Our stories and discoveries of God were meant to be shared so that others might come to know Him as well. It is time I stop worrying about whether I will sound intelligent and knowledgeable. God can, and will use me for His glory. And, that is what I love about how God works–“He does not called the equipped. He equips the called”. use-me-1

  Heavenly Father, Thank you for calling all of us to be bearers of Your name. Thank you for equipping us to do Your work and to share Your Word with Your people. In our moments of feeling inadequate, remind us that through You, we are made more than adequate! Amen.


1 thought on “Equipped By God By Naomi Sahagun”

  1. You did an awesome job in bringing God’s word! ” He does not call the equipped, he equips the called” Beautifully said! Amen my sister!

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