By Shelly

When we’re called out of darkness it becomes a process a learning experience that we go through. We are pulling off the old dying daily in place of the new. Thoughts and preferences change too. Because with each step we make we’re being made new. Each day we weren’t what we were a year ago. For with the experiences in our lives we grow. Our steps are ordered and our shortcomings and steps our Father knows. We are where we’re supposed to be in our walk everyday. Even when we’re in the struggles, He shows us that through signs, He’s making a way. So be of good cheer because each day He is forming more of Himself in you. Soon you will know that all things through Him you can do. Good morning Zion as with each day we are moving away from who we used to be. Coming into the knowledge of what our Father is shaping out of the lump of clay delicately. Shalom Much Love.


God Has No Limit…

I have known Gwen for over a year now.  She is the founder of God Knows No Limit, a community outreach in New Orleans, LA.  For Gwen, her heart is found in sharing the love of God to her family, friends and community.  As a nurse she has applied her excellent skills and support to restore  people to better health and wellness.  Now, she is taking those valuable skills to an even higher level by enhancing her education to serve in youth ministry, primarily children.  But it is not easy, nor is it inexpensive.  In order to help further her dream and education, her hope is to win this contest.  Please help Gwen by voting today…you can help make a difference in a child’s life!  (please share with others and vote everyday)  Thank you.

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Please read this from one of Gwen’s dear friend:

Dr. Glenda Clare:

A couple of weeks ago, you may have read the story of the innocent little girl who was killed in New Orleans. One of my life long friends, Gwendolyn Hooker McIntosh, RN and her family minister to children in a community less than one mile from where the little girl was killed. They feed children. They provide tutoring and educational assistance. They provide a safe place for children to go when they just don’t know what to do.VOTE and SHARE

Thus far the ministry has been one of sharing the time, talents and treasure of Gwen’s family members. They need assistance to continue this work. They created a video and entered Scholars for Change Video Contest administered by Walden University. Please take the time to VOTE for them each day. They provide much needed services in their community.