Healthy homemaker is back!!!

Good Morning friends of faith. I would like to tell my faith and fitness journey. I started out 260lbs and at 5’4 that’s a lot for one lil girl to carry. I started where I was and never took no for an answer. I crawled at 6 am to put on my runners and walked into the gym and then ran home to my family. I have learnt lots about forgiveness, love, mercy and grace. It was not easy and there were day I didn’t want to do it. It is easy to slip on the slippery slop of sin then to stand Jesus strong and persevere. People think of it was easy. NO IT WAS NOT and still is not. You make choices ( thank you Lord for this blessing and at times a curse) but must always live by the repercussions of them. So I say every step is a step. Take it move and do it all for Gods glory. He does care about your physical health. The reason being is the longer you are fit and on this earth YOU can spread His good word.