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Happiness comes from the inside out by Walter Moore

Happiness comes from the inside out.

Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be you sorry; for the joy of the Lord is you strength. [Nehemiah 8:10]

The first word of the Sermon on the Mount, “blessed,” is sometimes translated “happy.” It refers not to fortunate circumstances nor momentary exhilaration, but to the inner state of those who are right…at the center of their being. Jesus had a profound joy which gave Him strength to endure the cross. He prayed that we might share it, for joyous Christians are strong Christians. Nehemiah had told his people many years before:  “The joy of the Lord is you strength.”


“Blessed God, we have sometimes allowed self-centeredness, worry, and boredom to destroy our joy. Give us a quality of spirit in which such things cannot exist. Amen


*Excerpt from Courage and Confidence by Walter L. Moore


Charged to Walk in a Manner Worthy of God


I am currently studying Thessalonians with Beth Moore and today, after the study, this scripture jumped off the page and into my heart. This letter was written by Paul, Silas and Timothy. It shows their heart toward the Thessalonians.

1 Thessalonians 2:11-12(ESV)

11 For you know how, like a father with his children, 12 we exhorted each one of you and encouraged you and charged you to walk in a manner worthy of God, who calls you into his own kingdom and glory.

What grabbed my attention was the phrase “Charged you to walk in a manner worthy of God.”

As I studied out the words in Strong’s Greek Dictionary, Word Helps and, I could barely contain my excitement.

Here are the definitions:

Charged: marturomai: to summon as witness, to affirm, to testify

Walk: 4043 peripatéō (from 4012 /perí, “comprehensively around,” which intensifies 3961 /patéō, “walk”) – properly, walk around, i.e. in a complete circuit (going “full circle”).

Worthy: Cognate: 516 aksíōs (an adverb) – worthily (viewed as “becoming”); suitable because recognized as fitting (having worth that “matches” actual value). See 514 (aksios). [516 (aksíōs) is the root of the English term, “axis.”]

It is that word axis that gets me.

Axis: A real or imagined line of which a body rotates; A fixed reference line for the measurements of coordinates.

Paul, Silas and Timothy are summoning the Thessalonians to live lives, in full measure, completing all their tasks from a fixed reference of Jesus, with all that they are, to rotate around and from Him. That is all their beginnings and endings from and through Christ. What an exhortation!

Paul charged them to live lives like this because he knew they could. This is so exciting because so can we. We can live lives worthy of our God! This is not something outside of our orbit. Jesus has made it possible!

Today, you and I are summoned, officially called to live our lives, beginning to end, the full circle with all our habits, manners and customs satelliting from Jesus, our fixed Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Redeemer, Restorer! Glory to God who believes in us! Who enables us! Who empowers us to fulfill His purpose in our lives!


Luke One: A Series of Mary Moments to Learn From


Today I am spending time with Mary in Luke 1. As I was reading through this chapter I find a series of “Mary moments” that are touching my heart. Moments I feel like God is speaking directly to my heart too.  Please share in these informal moments with me as I open my devotional…………..

1. This first one comes from verses 27, and 28.

2To a girl never having been married and a [a]virgin engaged to be married to a man whose name was Joseph, a descendant of the house of David; and the virgin’s name was Mary.

28 And he came to her and said, Hail, O favored one [[b]endued with grace]! The Lord is with you! [c]Blessed (favored of God) are you before all other women!

I see that the Word of the Lord can come to any one…..even a young girl……even a not so young girl like me.  I love how the Word comes… tells her who she is. “Favored One!”  We are favored by God! God’s Word always connects us with His purpose for us. His purpose is to favor us! He has endued us with His grace. He is with us.


2. Next comes from verse 29

29 But when she saw him, she was greatly troubled and disturbed and confused at what he said and kept revolving in her mind what such a greeting might mean.

Like Mary, I often find myself troubled by what the Lord is speaking. I know He is speaking but I struggle to make logical sense of what He means. I too, roll it over and over in my heart and mind.  Often my reality is so far away from what the Word is speaking to me. How can God favor me when I stumble through my life? I am no one, I am nothing. How can I be favored of God? Yet, that is exactly what happens. God sends His word to endue me with His divine plan. Just as He sent His Holy Spirit to impregnate Mary with His purpose and plan……I often feel His Words coming to me but they are so fantastic that I close off my heart and never conceive His great plan. Mary didn’t do that. She opened up her heart and conceived that which was impossible. This makes me ask…..Lord help me conceive your word in my life. Let me take it into my inner being and let it produce your life in me.

mary and the angel

3.  Then verse 30

3And the angel said to her, Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found grace ([a]free, spontaneous, absolute favor and loving-kindness) with God.

So many times I have been afraid to believe what I think God is speaking to me, just like Mary. I love how God knows what we are feeling and provides. Mary was afraid. Look at how God assures her. “You have found grace.”  I receive this word today.  Let it speak to your heart too.

Today, you have found His grace. What is that? His grace is all that He is for this moment in your life. His grace comes to us freely and is joyfully given by God. It is His absolute favor… are His absolute favorite you.

Read this out loud:

“Do not be afraid (insert your name), for you have found grace with God. “


4. Mary’s response in verse 38 always gets me.

3Then Mary said, Behold, I am the handmaiden of the Lord; let it be done to me according to what you have said. And the angel left her.

Oh how I want my heart to be in such a place. Often when His Word comes to me, I hem and haw, make excuses and check my agenda. Oh, for a heart that would speak “Let it be done to me according to your word.”  I need to learn how to respond to the Lord.

Mary knew she belonged to the Lord and she didn’t struggle against that. So many times, I lead my life from my own directive because I think I am my own.  Yet, the truth is I belong to the Lord. Mary knew this and responded accordingly.

Today, I encourage you to let your heart respond to Him. Let His word be conceived in your heart. Let His vision and purpose be impregnated in you. Respond to the Lord.


5. Mary goes and connects with Elizabeth. I love how God created us to connect with one another around His work in us.  Elizabeth says to Mary in verse 45,

45 And blessed (happy, [a]to be envied) is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord.

We need each other to confirm and help to grow the Word of God that we are pregnant with. I love what Elizabeth says here to Mary. She reminds her that she is believing for fulfillment from the Lord.  She reminds her that this is a place of blessing. How we need Elizabeths in our lives to remind us of the place of blessing we are standing in as we believe for the fulfillment of the Word the Lord has spoken to us.


6. Lastly, I love Mary’s response in verse 46

46 And Mary said, My soul magnifies and extols the Lord,

47 And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,

Mary’s soul could have magnified that fact that she was pregnant out of wedlock, that she hadn’t told Joseph, that she had broken the law…..but no, she magnifies the Lord.  What a lesson for me. What is my soul magnifying? Is it my circumstances? My feelings? My fears? Or is it my Lord?  Let it be like Mary,  “My soul will magnify the Lord!”  I am in charge of what my soul magnifies….I chose to let it be God.

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No More Thirst!


John 4:4-7Amplified Bible (AMP)

4 It was necessary for Him to go through Samaria.

5 And in doing so, He arrived at a Samaritan town called Sychar, near the tract of land that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.

6 And Jacob’s well was there. So Jesus, tired as He was from His journey, sat down [to rest] by the well. It was then about the sixth hour (about noon).

7 Presently, when a woman of Samaria came along to draw water, Jesus said to her, Give Me a drink—

Today I had a “Woman of Samaria” moment. By this I mean I was hot and bothered, busy in my life trying to make things work, as I went to the normal “well” of my life to find refreshment I met Jesus.

As I read this chapter in John, my heart was touched with the intention of Jesus. He intended to meet with this woman. He also wanted to meet with me today. He also wants to meet you.

“Jesus said to her, Give Me a drink—”

This is not what I would expect the Messiah to say to me. Yet it is what He said to her. Look at her response.

John 4:9-10Amplified Bible (AMP)

The Samaritan woman said to Him, How is it that [a]You, being a Jew, ask me, a Samaritan [and a] woman, for a drink?—For the Jews have nothing to do with the Samaritans—

10 Jesus answered her, If you had only known and had recognized God’s gift and Who this is that is saying to you, Give Me a drink, you would have asked Him [instead] and He would have given you living water.

She knew her place of being a Samaritan and a woman forbade it. She was amazed that He talked to her. Yet, here we see Jesus deliberately engaging her, through all the barriers.  I think like me, this Samaritan woman has deep needs, needs that have gone so long unmet that she has grown used to doing without. So when the answer to her needs comes, she  doesn’t recognize Him. Jesus wants to help her. He looks to see where her heart is. She begins to reason while still holding onto the impossible possibility.

John 4:11-18Amplified Bible (AMP)

11 She said to Him, Sir, You have nothing to draw with [no drawing bucket] and the well is deep; how then can You provide living water? [Where do You get Your living water?]

12 Are You greater than and superior to our ancestor Jacob, who gave us this well and who used to drink from it himself, and his sons and his cattle also?

13 Jesus answered her, All who drink of this water will be thirsty again.

14 But whoever takes a drink of the water that I will give him shall never, no never, be thirsty any more. But the water that I will give him shall become a spring of water welling up (flowing, bubbling) [continually] within him unto (into, for) eternal life.

15 The woman said to Him, Sir, give me this water, so that I may never get thirsty nor have to come [continually all the way] here to draw.

Faith is building in her heart. She believes He has living water but since He has no bucket, He must have no way to get it. She asks Him to clarify Himself. As Jesus explains, that He has water that shall cause her to thirst no more, she believes Him enough to ask for it.

What is Jesus asking us to believe? What impossible thing, in midst of our busy lives is Jesus sitting at our wells speaking to us? What are we believing the Lord enough to ask for?
John 4

16 At this, Jesus said to her, Go, call your husband and come back here.

17 The woman answered, I have no husband. Jesus said to her, You have spoken truly in saying, I have no husband.

18 For you have had five husbands, and the man you are now living with is not your husband. In this you have spoken truly.

I love this moment. This is the moment that the Samaritan woman risks it all. She tells Him the truth. She lets Him, a superior Jewish man, who under normal circumstances would not even acknowledge her,  see who she is. This is what I want for my heart, to be open and honest.  Sometimes, I don’t know what I am seeking and what I am longing for. However, Jesus always knows.

He acknowledges the truth of her life. She was truthful with Him and He was with her. Most people would have been offended but look at her response.

John 4

19 The woman said to Him, Sir, I see and understand that You are a prophet.

20 Our forefathers worshiped on this mountain, but you [Jews] say that Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary and proper to worship.

She doesn’t respond defensively or rudely. She acknowledges who she thinks Him to be. She must have sensed something different about Him. How does having five husbands equate to the direction of her conversation to “Where is the correct place to worship?” I think her heart had been longing to worship the Lord for a very long time. She may have tried many things, gone through many relationships, looking and seeking the Lord, perhaps unknowingly. In my own life, I get so busy and have so many demands, that often worship, that intimate one on one time with my Lord is diminished and often put off altogether. Just like this woman, I seek love in wrong places and wrong ways and just like her, Jesus has to reach out to me. He has to meet me in midst of my busy life. He comes to me and stops me and begins to minister to me at my life well.

John 4

21 Jesus said to her, Woman, believe Me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither [merely] in this mountain nor [merely] in Jerusalem.

22 You [Samaritans] do not know what you are worshiping [you worship what you do not comprehend]. We do know what we are worshiping [we worship what we have knowledge of and understand], for [after all] salvation comes from [among] the Jews.

23 A time will come, however, indeed it is already here, when the true (genuine) worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth (reality); for the Father is seeking just such people as these as His worshipers.

24 God is a Spirit (a spiritual Being) and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth (reality).

Jesus takes His precious time to minister to this woman, to explain what she already knows. She doesn’t understand what she has been worshiping. But she wants to. I love her answer to when Jesus tells her she doesn’t know squat about worshiping.

John 4

25 The woman said to Him, I know that Messiah is coming, He Who is called the Christ (the Anointed One); and when He arrives, He will tell us everything we need to know and make it clear to us.

26 Jesus said to her, I Who now speak with you am He.

The only thing she knows for certain is that the Messiah is coming. She believes that the Messiah will tell her everything she  needs to know to make life clear. For so long her heart had been longing for this clarification.  As she tells Him that, faith is built-in her heart and her eyes are prepped for revelation.

Jesus said to her, I Who now speak with you am He.

Jesus, a Jew and a man, en route to fulfill the purpose of God for His life, stopped to reveal Himself to this woman. What would it feel like to have those words spoken to you by the son of God, the Messiah? Today, I had those words spoken to my heart as I read this portion of scripture. “Jenni, I know everything you need to know and I want to share it with you, I am all that you need for everything.” How my heart has been so longing for the Messiah of my life. My own personal well is so tiny and so dry, my waters have been bitter and small. I work so hard at it but I truly need Jesus to fill me with His living water. I have been trying so hard. Jesus always meets me where I am.

John 4

27 Just then His disciples came and they wondered (were surprised, astonished) to find Him talking with a woman [a married woman]. However, not one of them asked Him, What are You inquiring about? or What do You want? or, Why do You speak with her?

28 Then the woman left her water jar and went away to the town. And she began telling the people,

29 Come, see a Man Who has told me everything that I ever did! Can this be [is not this] the Christ? [Must not this be the Messiah, the Anointed One?]

30 So the people left the town and set out to go to Him.

When the Samaritan woman receive Who Jesus was, it changed her. She no longer needed her own strength, her jar to draw water, She was filled. Because she was so filled, she went to share not what her own hands had drawn but rather what Jesus had given her. The change was evident, the living water bubbled over and touched the people of her town. When I meet Jesus I am always changed. My life goes from vague and unfocused to a vivid display of His life.

John 4:39-42Amplified Bible (AMP)

39 Now numerous Samaritans from that town believed in and trusted in Him because of what the woman said when she declared and testified, He told me everything that I ever did.

40 So when the Samaritans arrived, they asked Him to remain with them, and He did stay there two days.

41 Then many more believed in and adhered to and relied on Him because of His personal message [what He Himself said].

42 And they told the woman, Now we no longer believe (trust, have faith) just because of what you said; for we have heard Him ourselves [personally], and we know that He truly is the Savior of the world, the Christ.

How amazing that the Samaritan woman went from vague worshiper, to a true worshiper, because Jesus intentionally stopped at that well to meet with her. You never know where a greater revelation of Christ is waiting to open to you. Because this woman was open to allowing the Messiah her whole self, Christ used her to reveal Himself to the whole town.  That her testimony drew her town to Jesus. Her testimony prepped their hearts to receive Him. This is how I want my life to read.

Today, I felt like Jesus came to me, He filled me with His living water by reminding me that He is my Messiah, Who knows me completely and still loves me. After my devotions, I couldn’t wait to tell everyone how Jesus met me.  LOL! I preached my way through this day. I am just so excited that He is teaching me how to worship in Spirit and in Truth.

I pray that today would be your day too. That Jesus would meet you at your well and totally fill you. That His life would bubble up out of you, quenching the thirst of your heart and satisfying your need. No more Thirst!


Envy and Jealousy: The Green Eyed [Twin] Monsters that (can) live in our Hearts

ENVY: noun \ˈen-vē\

: the feeling of wanting to have what someone else has

: someone or something that causes envy

covetousnessenviousnessgreen-eyed monsterinvidiousness,jealousyresentment

: to feel a desire to have what someone else has : to feel envy because of (someone or something)

Thank you:


So, Now that we know the definition, according to the dictionary, let’s look at what the Bible has to say about it. Continue reading “Envy and Jealousy: The Green Eyed [Twin] Monsters that (can) live in our Hearts”


“My ALL and ALL” 28 June 2014

“Three times I called upon the Lord and besought [Him] about this and begged that it might depart from me; But He said to me, My grace (My favor and lovingkindness and mercy) is enough for you [sufficient against any danger and enables you to bear the trouble manfully]; for MY strength and power are made perfect (fulfilled and completed) and show themselves most effective in [your] weakness. Therefore, I will ALL the more gladly glory in my weakness and infirmities, that the strength and power of Christ (the Messiah) may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me.”

Continue reading ““My ALL and ALL” 28 June 2014″


“Alone, Yet Not Alone” sung by Joni Erickson Tada

I thought this might really bless you. It is a song from the movie of the same name “Alone, Yet Not Alone” sung by Joni Erickson Tada

I though this might bless you:
This song is featured in the movie Alone Yet Not Alone, ready for release June 13th, 2014. For more information, please visit This beautiful rendition of the song Alone Yet…
Love you,


God Always Makes A Way


Do you ever feel as you are in trial that the way is shut? You are blocked, all options are dead? That there is no hope? I bring you good news…..God always makes a way!.

Trusting in God always opens the way.

 NOTHING shuts out God.


Not Giants:

1 Samuel 17

David faced a nine foot giant named Goliath who was shutting the way for victory for King Saul and the Israelites.  God not only enabled David to kill Goliath but to cut off his head.


Not Pharaohs:

Exodus 14

The Pharaoh of Egypt chased down the Hebrew people, trapping them between a mountain and the sea. Their way was shut and destruction was sure, but God opened the way. God opened the sea and allowed the Hebrews to walk across on dry ground and then God shut the way.


Not even death:

John 11

Jesus knew Lazarus was sick, but he delayed his coming. Lazarus died and the way of life seemed shut forever, but not so! Jesus raised him from the dead.


Take courage today as you are walking through your trial. The way may seem shut, but Your God always makes a way! You will make progress!

Psalm 18:33(AMP)

33 He makes my feet like hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high places.




By Shelly

When we’re called out of darkness it becomes a process a learning experience that we go through. We are pulling off the old dying daily in place of the new. Thoughts and preferences change too. Because with each step we make we’re being made new. Each day we weren’t what we were a year ago. For with the experiences in our lives we grow. Our steps are ordered and our shortcomings and steps our Father knows. We are where we’re supposed to be in our walk everyday. Even when we’re in the struggles, He shows us that through signs, He’s making a way. So be of good cheer because each day He is forming more of Himself in you. Soon you will know that all things through Him you can do. Good morning Zion as with each day we are moving away from who we used to be. Coming into the knowledge of what our Father is shaping out of the lump of clay delicately. Shalom Much Love.