Tamara ~

I am a woman who has lived, loved, been loved, forgave and been forgiven. I not only am a Mom of a blended family which I have told people is like a mosaic picture. Each peace broken but together we make a beautiful picture. I lead a group of women in a spiritual walk that allows them to free them selves from weight and to grow closer to God. At times I wonder does anyone notice? Is this my calling? A lot of these things/ circumstances come with struggle. But as I lead I wonder does anyone care notice am I making a God difference? I was married to another man a long time ago. Hence the loved and been loved. There is a lady in my group beautiful but holds a sadness in her eyes. Today as I was coming service at church I saw this lady crying running into the bathroom. I handed my husband my stuff and left my family to follow her in the bathroom. She then told me her husband left her. At that moment my heart broke. I know that searing pain all to well. The uncertainty. I held her and told her I understand. She told me that if it was not for my group she does not know what she would have done. Divorce is so very painful I think of it as a death. You are mourning the death of a marriage , a dream and a commitment. Even the most together person leaves it with pain of some sort. As a woman who one found myself single and who sat on her kitchen counter every night after her kids went to bed crying and listening to country music I find this subject so hard. At a glance I had it together. I had to I never wanted my kids to suffer ( in which they did.. We all did) Then women held their husbands a little tighter when I was around because I was single I must have wanted their men. This broke my heart what I would not have given for a family to support me and friends who could have loved me through this instead of guarding themselves and their families. I got to where I am because of Jesus. He loved me and my kids in our sorrow brought us to the light. We as a new family found our identity in him. I am trying to raise my family in the light of compassion not comparison. Where we can see with our eyes and hear with our hearts. I started to walk in the light in 2004 and my best friend saw the change it made in my life and it attracted him to Jesus. So Ladies I urge you to be women of compassion and think if Jesus was the one standing here what would he do? Would he love or condemn? Would he smile at the homeless person or look away in hope to not catch his eye?

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