Who controls you? Lets talk forgiveness. I was 5  years old when my brother tried to molest me. I forgave my brother but before you send many replies about how could you, I want you to know Jesus loves me and he has pursued me much longer then I deserved to be pursued. I am forgiven therefore I forgive. Forgiving is not easy it actually take much more courage then most people have. I walk in freedom because I let that go and no longer have to carry that burden. Its at the cross and God can take it. I don’t have to be a victim because in Gods light I am victorious. Saying you forgive does not mean you need to forget. Forgiving the wrong does not excuse the pain but it does mean you walk in grace and choose a higher road. Now I am sure that God wept that day and maybe that’s why He fought so hard for me. I am a chosen child of our Father. I am thankful I can walk in grace and forgive. I am thankful for the free will He has given us. There a lot of people thirsty for love and looking in all sorts of places. But I can tell you the only way to quench your thirst is not in the bottom of a bottle, in drugs, sex or food…it is in the Living Water. With that water running through me I am able to forgive not just seven times but many more. I have the ability to go to the only source I need and say I am here Father…take me where you need me to go, have me see what you see, hear what you hear and have a heart to receive.

If your a survivor of abuse I urge you to take it to the cross. For man may hurt you God’s arms are waiting and you can leave all that at the cross and be victorious.


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