Love out loud!

As I sit doing final stages care for my mother in law. I want to express to you how the important things really are not that important at the end of time when Jesus calls you home. What I am thinking is the cell phones, social media, to do list just really don’t matter. Love out loud! What I can tell you from the almost 30 years I have known her. Every greeting met with a kiss and an I love you and every departure the same. Every time you went to her the gratitude shining in her face and the heart felt connection was there. My children are losing their Grandma really fast but forever they have the understanding that something’s don’t matter and there is always time for love. My son all of 11 was a driving force for his Grandma giving her life to Jesus in which she did last week. I will loose Mom but her love will remain in me forever. Thank you Lord for this woman, her lessons, her unconditional love,and her tender heart . She is a amazing Mom, grandmother, Nana, Gammy and she has taught us much and made us laugh. She raised a fantastic man that everyday and everyway I am proud to call my husband. Today…slow down for LOVE!

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