Boots On The Ground

Bless the Lord

A call to Warriors-

Of the Army of the Lord.

Put on the Full

Armor of God-

Your Helmet of Salvation

Guard you mind from

The strongholds of the enemy,

Those who listen- will hear

His commands.

The Truth will go forth and

Not return void.

From battle to battle we conquer.

Hold tight your Shield of Faith

Stand firm unmoved by the attack

Of Deception – for it is dark and light,

though it is powerless against the

Faithful Of the Lord

who come in the Name of Jesus

And the Blood of the Lamb of God.

Cinch the Belt of Truth tight- girded with

 the Breastplate of the Righteousness of God

Your whole armor secure- for deep and wide

Are the valleys of the enemy.

 Take the Sword of the Spirit

And Proclaim Your Victory in the Name of Jesus!

Swift and tireless your Feet Shod shall go in Victory-

Bringing Peace for all Eternity

For the Kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

All Hail King Jesus! -shall be your cry

Hail the coming King of King and Lord of Lord!

 Ready the trumpet of the Lord!

Proclaim the Day of Salvation!

Set Free the captive,

Release the prisoner from darkness,

Comfort all who mourn,

Provide for those who grieve in Zion

Theirs is a Garment of Praise and a Crown of Beauty!

Prevail o’ Mighty Warrior of the Lord!

The favor of our Sovereign God is upon you,

In Power, In Strength and In Wisdom.

Thanks be to God and to His Glory Forever.


(Eph.6:11, Is.61,Rev.7)

 Selah  2.10.14

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