Upon this Foundation

When your developing a structure for a home or building, a sign posted reads something like “Under Construction” or “Future Site”.   Big heavy equipment roll in to start the massive undertaking of clearing out the bramble, brush, trees and all manner of unwanted growth. This is what you have to do…plane the field, right?  Make a clean and level ground and your foundation will be strong.

Our Christianity is very similar to a new construction site.  Even, if you’ve been a believer for a very, very long time.  We are all under construction.  How exciting to know that there is something God wants us to expand in our life.  Sometimes, we don’t understand why things happen??? We start to ask questions. What is this emptiness that I am experiencing???  Why did I have to lose, when I thought I would be obtaining???  Shouldn’t it be the same, why have things changed??  Life will bring you the unexpected.  One situation can make you feel as though big heavy equipment rolled into your life and cleared all your dreams and plans, taking all and leaving nothing.  You may be happy and satisfied, then circumstances bring unexpected news , your perfect life has been turned upside down.  All of us have gone through one or more of these scenarios at different stages and levels of our faith walk.

Also, we usually see the darkest view of a bad, difficult, hard situation.  It’s difficult to be honest with oneself when you don’t have immediate answers or solutions.  I have heard it told that the eye of the hurricane is like  peeking into heaven…glorious, and then the storm takes a turn for the worst.   So, in that instant find your inner strength that will break the “fallow ground” of this hardship.  It takes a commitment to draw out the plans of God’s design for our life.  Don’t lose your grip.  Take hold of the plow and let God make level your field.  Rebuild, Restore and Renew your foundation.  All things are possible for those that believe.  He is there with you in the field of laboring.  He is where you are in your daily routines.  He is on your walk down a street, while you’re doing work; riding while you’re driving on the road…He is with you always.

It’s easiest to look at a fresh start- when you are excited about a new beginning, knowing that Jesus is your foundation.   Each time you add a new dimension of yourself; it reflects His ability to create and shows His strength and grace when things get messy. The Holy Spirit is a fantastic decorator and He landscapes God’s beauty to surround us in His peace.  He will help us grow.  He will help us maintain.  He is present…His love is unfailing…even when life fails us.  Reach out, take hold of His promises and step out in faith.  Believe and Trust in His word.

My devotion:    Hebrews 7:22-26

“Because of this oath, Jesus has

become the guarantee of a better covenant.  Now there have been

many of those priests, since death prevented them

from continuing in office; but because Jesus lives forever,

 he has a permanent priesthood. 

Therefore he is able to save completely

 those who come to God through him,

because he always lives to intercede for them. 

Such a high priest meets our need—one who is holy,

blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens.”

Father God, your love is unfailing.  Your word does your good pleasure.  We can love because you first loved us, through your Son, our Savior Jesus.  Thank you for the promise of your tender mercies…they are new each morning….as you hold all creation in the palms of your holy hands. amen

3 thoughts on “Upon this Foundation”

  1. “Our Christianity is very similar to a new construction site. Even, if you’ve been a believer for a very, very long time. We are all under construction.” How true Zoey.

    Everyday, I am reminded of my failures and need for His continual intervention in my life to make me.

    Thanks for another blessing!

    1. Amen! …”I imagine that God is done with our lives here on earth, when our mansion is finish in heaven, until then – we continue here under construction.” (my sweet Aunt would say)

      We as believers are vessels through which the Mercy of God flows…his Living Water…Jesus. Jhn. 7:38

      God bless you, Pastor Barkman (Go, Go, Go!!!)


  2. I love that you wrote this “Each time you add a new dimension of yourself; it reflects His ability to create and shows His strength and grace when things get messy.” I love the thought of God adding new dimension to me. Just as you pointed out in your building analogy. New depth, new width, new space, all for Him to fill. Make room in me Jesus!

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