By Shelly

The Steps of the Righteous have been ordered and Prepared for you. He has your whole life planned out down to everything that you do. From the beginning He chose you and what you’re going and growing through are just the tests that are meant to groom you to lead. You will reign with Him as Scriptures says and this is the training that you need. The Steps of the Righteous are Ordered and by Design and Direction your life is planned out to bring esteem to Him and victory to you also. The pain and discomfort you feel in the flesh is just a part of it all but it will all disappear the more you grow. You’re going to be blessed because of your disappointments because of the testimony that is forming through it all. Your words will be needed as a source of comfort when someone around you falls. Hello Kings and Queens, Our Steps are Ordered and it will go well with you so be encouraged to hold on. You are here because of His blessings and His unconditional Love for you. Shalom Much Love.

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