The Perfect Bloom

In life what is it that you choose to seed?
Is it to sow love? Is it to sow hate?
    - a little while, if in secret it
was cast, shall show a prize or scorn.

I have heard it told 
that by God's light
Heavenly filters secretly weed
amongst the brier thorns. 
 And upon the Glorious 'morn
      wakes to find 
the beauty of the Rose reborn. 

Wait patiently O'Soul of mine
the prize that is sure to last.
      In quite hope -
    God's true light
  upon a knowing heart 
- a tender love has sown.

Awaken slumbering sweet dreams! 
Behold! A everlasting love within,
   the Perfect Bloom,
      God's Rose.
Revision 2015

My Heavenly Father…I thank you today that you tend to each of us as your perfect bloom because You grow nothing less. Amen.


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