30 days to Taming your Toungue by Deborah Smith Pegues (study group)


If you are at familiar with a friend (or perhaps yourself) who says things before their brain is engaged, you have just met ME!!

I am the one always “face-palming” myself after uttering some totally inappropriate remark in front of a group of people, or worse, an intimate setting.

This “ISSUE” has plagued me my whole life, and it is time to DROP THIS BAD HABIT!!

I say “habit” because that is exactly what it is.

I know, for myself, that anything I want to learn,  and be successful at, I have had to work on, study about it, and put it in to practice.

I will be working on a Bible Study called:

30 days to TAMING your TONGUE, by Author Deborah Smith Pegues.

(Information for obtaining the book will be at the end of this intro.)

I have just again started this Study..I say that because I am a great “STARTER”..Not so great a “FINISHER.”

But, this time I determined to finish this study.

My life depends on it.


I am lonely.

I have unintentionally alienated most of my friends, and certainly my family, by my UNFILTERED remarks.

I would appreciate some company..if you see something familiar about what I am writing, or know someone like this..


WE, (The unfiltered one’s) do not mean to harm..we just haven’t developed our “PAUSE” button completely!!


I hope to see some friends join me..


Through faith in OUR LORD..



Published by CHOICE BOOKS,( info@choicebooks.org)

ISBN: 9780736915601  (address:2387 Grace Rd, Harrisburg, VA 22801.)

The entire title is: #30 days to Taming your Tongue. What you say (and DON’T SAY) will improve your relationships.

This little paperback: $5.99 American, has helped me in a huge way. And, I have not even finished the book!

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