God Gives Self-Control by Zoey

Dear Readers:  I am happy to run again a series our team did last year (2014).  Come and sit a moment, let the Holy Spirit refresh, restore and renew your hearts & minds.  God does Give and my prayer is that you find His goodness fulfilled in your life. Blessings~Zoey.


…SELF-CONTROL of our emotions through the power of Grace. Our souls relate to good or evil. Revenge perceived as a guise of good is faulty. Anger does no good to the recipients for its oppression and cruelty. The desire to inflict on someone who has wronged us a fair hand, is usurping the will of God, such injustices grieve the Holy Spirit. Instead remember what Jesus taught us…”Love does no harm to its neighbor.” In sweetness, do your part to make life better for one another.


You can do this one step at a time, from moment to moments and as time goes on the evidence of God’s grace will change your heart. This applies to all and everyone on this beautiful place we live called Earth. We still must confess our sins and seek forgiveness and as we do this, Jesus will continue to intercede on our behalf to our Heavenly Father. Remember, leave (turn away) your anger through self-control and replace it with the sweetness of Love.  God Gives...2014

-Romans 12:19-21 and 14: 9-12,

Proverbs 14:29