The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers :Chapter 6


devil Bound?devil Bound! devil Bound?

devil Bound in fear?

What if……God is really not real?
What if…..this is all make believe?
Maybe I am not good enough.
What if all I believe is really a lie?
How do I know this is really true?

devil Bound by doubt?

Can I really do this?
What if nothing changes?
It hasn’t worked before, why will it work now?
God didn’t step in for me before, why would He now?
God lets me suffer. It was so much easier before I started this study.

devil Bound by expectation?

Why is this so hard? This is too hard. I can’t do it!
I don’t want to do it.
nobody understands me, if they only knew how hard I have it.
why is everyone doing so good and I am struggling so?
Why does she get it so easy and I don”t?

devil Bound by significance?

Everyone seems to do better than me.
Why does God speak to her and not me?
No one could love me if they really knew me.
I am awful
I fail all the time.
I am a failure.

devil Bound by approval

What will my family think?
What will my friends think?
Why didn’t she respond to me?
No one really likes me.

devil Bound by unmet needs

No one has ever loved me
I have never had enough anything
I am never enough
God is not enough
I know God can but will He?

devil Bound by lack of knowledge

I can’t
I can’t
I don’t know
I don’t understand
I don’t get it.


love John 8:36
So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.

Dearest Ones,

Oh how the enemy of our soul is active and aggressive. His fiery darts consist of thoughts we feel are justified by our emotions and supported by our past experiences. If we feel it, then it must be true. Our experiences have proven it. News flash: experience is not our God! Why does it feel like it is?

This is not God’s original plan for us. The minute Eve gave into the serpent, she give up her authority to operate submitted to God, to her emotions, to what she could understand. So mankind became a emotional, mind ruled society. The problem is that we were not created to be our own gods. We were created to worship Him. It took the blood of Jesus to restore order to us. His blood restored the authority and order that we are to submit to. God and Him alone. However, we have to learn how to operate in that. We are used to operating by what we think, what we feel and what we know about ourselves and our situations, instead of what we feel about God, what we think about God and what we understand about Him. We went from God focus to self focused. Now we are learning how to be God focused again. Talk about a long, involved process. It is, but He enables us to do it.

This week’s chapter is all about recognizing that there is a battle coming against us. Sometimes it is coming through places that we have left opened and vulnerable and sometimes it is Satan. When we are in the thick of the battle and we cry for help, God always answers. No matter which of these is accurate or even if both are accurate God’s plan is for us to overcome. Often the hard part is to find the right position for us to receive….but even this we trust the Lord with. Joyce was doing all that she knew to honor and obey God and the enemy attacked. God wanted her to learn a new strategy to graduate into a new realm of authority. God always teaches us to war. He always works all things to our good.

My Beloved friends, you may feel that your situation is worst beyond worst. I don’t doubt in any way that is so hard. Yet, your God is good and His plan for you is for good. This is the absolute truth! So, decide to believe that only good can come out of these moments. Ask God for the strategy to overcome the devil. Ask Him to be the Lord of this situation. Decide that you will see the goodness of God in this situation. Decide that you will not bow down to your emotions, your opinions, your fears, that you will allow God to rule in this situation.

Joyce writes:

“As Christians, we need to learn to decide to believe. God often gives us faith (a product of the Spirit) for things that our minds just can’t always seem to come into agreement with. The mind wants to understand everything-the why, the when, and the how of it all. Often, when that understanding is not given by God, the mind refuses to believe what it cannot understand.

It frequently happens that a believer knows something in his heart (his inner man), but his mind wars against it.

I had decided long before to believe what the Word says, and to believe the Rhema (the revealed Word) that God gave me(the things He spoke to me or the promises He gave personally), even if I didn’t understand why, when, or how it would come to pass in the my life. ”

We need to decided to believe too. There is always only one plan that God has for us….IT IS TO OVERCOME. Every trial we walk through, through every loss, through every heart ache, through every abuse His absolute plan for us for good! His Good! Jesus overcame everything. Yet, he was rejected, scorned, disrespected, and even put to death. Still He had the victory! Jesus believed what God said, He would do. So when the heat of trial came to Him, Jesus was able to endure because HE believed. We too, must decide to believe. That no matter what we feel, what we see, what we hear or what is told us, we are going to believe God. Our God never fails and always completes His work, which is a good work in you and I.


I just hold up my friends to you. You are the God of freedom! You are the God who sets free. I thank you, that my friends and I walk in the freedom that you have given us. That the spirits of confusion, doubt, unbelief and self hatred are broken by the blood of your son, Jesus. By faith, I believe that we are growing in your word and in understanding You. That the work of the enemy is stopped and derailed. That you, Lord work all these situations for our good. That we are people taught of the Lord. Lord, we ask you to reveal that battle strategy you have for us to overcome. We choose You, Lord, We choose to believe in You with all our hearts, with all our minds and with all our souls. We ask You to reign in our lives. We ask you to reign in these situations. Lord, we submit our emotions and thoughts to you. Help us process them. Help us to recognize when we are operating in a place of bondage and to repent and receive your grace for operating in faith and freedom. We acknowledge and allow this thought to reign in our thinking….God’s plan for us is for good, so only good can come out of this. Father, help us to recognize your good, in each of these situations. In Jesus Name, Amen



1 thought on “The Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers :Chapter 6”

  1. This is just what I needed!!! I’m so thankful for a God that is patient and forgiving. He has given me the power to overcome many times, but from time to time I have to be “human”, and take things in my own hands and mind. I’m so glad God gave you this devotion to share.

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