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Have a Change of Heart…

We Shall Behold Him

“I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches.

I am the Root and the off spring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”  Rev. 22:16

Chapter XXIV

An old astronomer clasped his

protege and said,

“If Polaris dies tonight,

Be assured some greater light

will take its place.”

Ansond guided his mount above

a mountain range. He saw the

spires of the City of the Troubadour.

A lovely city without walls, for

walls though not forbidden were

forgotten. In worlds where evil has

not come walls never come to mind.

Invictrix skimmed a sunlit tower

and flew down to the plaza where

the children played. The steed

alighted. Ansond walked through

an arched portal and saw the Singer

sitting with his lyre. He saw

Ansond and rose to meet him.

The two embraced.

“Earthmaker is sovereign love!”

said Ansond.

“The music of the universe!” agreed

the Troubadour.

“Halana to the Father-Spirit!”

cried the Golden Knight.

“Come with me!” the Singer said.

They walked to the Plaza of Peace.

In the center of the square a

sphere of bright transparent glass

rested on one crystal’s very point.

In the center of the sphere was a

world about the size that Terra Two

had been the day she rode into the

final battle of the War of Fire.

“It is Terra Onea replica,

exact and scaled,” the Singer said.

“Forever sealed?” inquired Ansond.

“Forever,” agreed the Troubadour.

“And we can never hear the anguish

from its center?” The Golden

Knight seemed troubled.

“Never. There shall be silence

where the Dark Prince writhes in


“He is small indeed to live in such

a tiny world as this.”

“His is a dwindling point of death

within a growing universe of joy.”

“Come, “said the Singer. They

walked again.

Soon they came to a grand reliquary

on a distant ivory causeway. There

was a cube of glass and deep within

a replica of the Great Machine of Death.

“Why keep this?” Ansond asked.

“It was the only hope of Terra One.

Those who walk this newer world are

here because I chose to die down

there between the gears and ropes.”

“What was it like to die?” the

Golden Knight asked.

“Be grateful you shall never have

to know.”

The troubadour looked thoughtfully

away. “When it was over, I held

a new relationship with men. Even

Terra One died. Death does not

matter.” The Singer gestured to

the glistening world of Terra

Two. “Dying is not final, only life.”

Ansond looked at the scars of death

still marking the Prince’s hands.

“You are the Singer, Prince and


There was music all around them in

the air.

They sang the Star-Song, and far

above the Crystal Chair, their

music drifted outward on the


“Earthmaker viewed the sculptured


Of man, God-like and strident,


Of everything that is,

content to be

His intimate and only earthen



“Behold, I am coming soon! Blessed is he who keeps the words of the prophecy in this book”

He will Save us and Wipe away our sorrows, for our names are written on the palm of His Hand.  ~Zoey

The Finale

a poetic narrative in the tradition of C.S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy is Calvin Miller’s completion to his own trilogy which includes the very popular The Singer and The Song. In this final volume, Miller tell the story of the Singer’s last battle with World Hater and envisions in dynamic prose-poetry the winding up of history on Terra One and the creation of Terra Two. As The Singer parallels the story of the Gospels and The Song parallels the book of Acts, so the The Finale is an artistic retelling of the Book of Revelation.

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Have a Change of Heart…

The Trilogy Continues…

“For God has purpose by agreeing to give the beast their power to rule, until God’s words are fulfilled. Rev. 17:17

Chapter XXIII

Materiality: A blessing all its own.

Spirit-Demons play in fire

hoping for cremation.

In the terror of their immortality

they envy dying men.

   In the days prior to the Liberation,

Dreamer would have been terrified

by the leering Hater. Now he was

amazed that the aggressor’s grin

left him unafraid. The Hater’s sword

was twice the size of his, but he

drew his own blade and stepped

the thirsty distance to his foe. The

Hater swung. Then the smaller

swordsman hurled his steel in a

direct arc that would have hit the

Hater’s armor. The sound of

clanging steel resounded through

the streets. Each stalked the other.

Again their blades resounded as

Dreamer slowly weakened.

Suddenly Ansond bolted through

the smoke, calling to the Hater,

“Come! Leave the Dreamer! Your

wounded shoulder still seeps my grudge.”

“Not before I finish with this

miner,” the Prince of Mirrors cried.

He followed his defiance with a

question, “Is Elan dead?”

“The planet’s dead!” cried Ansond,

“and Elan with it. He fell in flame

from a slaughtered Vollkon.”

“He died wearing my face,” mused

the World Hater,”…but no matter, I have his.”

Terra died because it wore your

face,” Ansond interrupted.

Gesturing to the flames the Hater

cried, “Look, Ansond! I have laid to

rest Earthmaker’s hope and smashed

his finest work of art. Behold the

power of hate!” He laughed.

Dreamer watched the unfolding

conflict Suddenly he was dazzled

by blinding intensity. Light-Raider

bolted through the wall of flame.

Ashes formed whirlwinds beneath

his hooves. The Singer came.

“It is your final moment!” called

the Singer.

“Perhaps,” the Dark Prince said.

“The planet burns and the flames

spread. Perhaps the seas themselves

shall erupt in flame,” he laughed.

Indeed they will,” the Troubadour

agreed. “Hate sometimes has

a fiery end before it is absorbed in


The old antagonists faced each

other as the Troubadour continued.

“My Father-Spirit loved this place

and the men he made to live here.

“Now…” He seemed choked by the

declaration. “Now…both his

world and men are gone.”

“I told you I would win,” sneered

the World Hater. “I warned you

at the wall. The fight was fair. Now

see the ash can of your artisty.”

“You have not won…Look!”

Ansond sent his mount through

the wall of flame. The fire fell back.

Low in the night sky flew Terra

Two. It had grown since it floated

upward from the saddle shelf a few

hours earlier.

The Troubadour smiled. “In only

three hours comes the midnight of

this planet. Terra One will die!

But even as it falls the sky will be

filled with the growing hope of

Terra Two. It is a world that you

will never enter, World Hater.”

“You cannot kill me, nor control

me. I go to any world I wish. I once

brought civil war to Lifeland itself.

Have you forgotten?” The Prince

of Mirrors sneered at the world

growing above the flames.

Invictrix soared abruptly back

through the flames and settled

suddenly. Surprised, the Dark Prince

stumbled backward and fell

ingloriously to the charred ground.

He looked up at Ansond who trailed

a long chain of heavy links.

Light-Raider pawed the earth and

it opened in an awesome rift. From

the great scar the Hater could hear

the moaning from the Canyon of the


“No…no!” carried the World Hater.

The Singer leapt from Light-Raider.

The ancient struggle began again in

fury. Hate tore at Love for the

remaining hours. Terr Two loomed

larger and larger until it filled the

sky. Close to midnight, the World

Hater in desperation flung his

sword at the Troubadour.

The Golden Knight now entered

into the struggle. He grasped the

discarded sword and wielded it to

split away the Hater’s torn and

dented armor.

Evil stood naked.

Ansond knew he could not put an

end to the evil prince with the

sword, for they had both been made

to live forever. So he took the

chain and wound it round the

Hater’s wounded body.

The Hater cursed the Singer and

his Golden Knight and poured his

scorn on Terra Two.

Dreamer beheld the final moments

of the ancient struggle. The World

Hater would live forever but never

move again. He would hate but

never enter Terra Two.

Invictrix nudged him toward the

Great rift. Over and over he rolled.

At the edge of the crevasse Invictrix

nudged him one more time. He

tumbled into the abyss and

plummeted away.

The ground closed.

Dreamer followed Ansond and the

Troubadour back to the waiting

army. The soldiers like himself

were all unharmed.

The War of Fire was over.

The Singer led the Army of Liberation

back upon the sky way.

At midnight the two worlds collided.

Terra one split away and then

dissolved. Terr Two rolled on in


“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.”    Mark 13:32

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Have a Change of Heart…

There is so much value in the following short excerpts that I am posting these over the next three days. May God bless you and keep you always.

Final by Calvin Miller

Chapter XXII

Light is never given

while we fear the dark.

When dawn came, the Army of

Liberation drew their swords and

began the advance. They marched

in silence toward the enemy columns

stationed by the wall. Elan, in the

saddle of a Vollkon laden with

the ore of death, advanced to meet

the enemy. His bridled reptile

release the canister. Fire fell

everywhere, but the Army of

Liberation marched on.

Elan feared.

The unbridled Vollkons flew again

to the armory and returned to hurl

more fire. The heat grew so intense

that the forest near the Plains

of Man ignited. Sheets of flame

swept in waves across the land

and licked the base of the fortress

walls. It looked as if the entire

globe would burn.

Elan made a tactical error. He

decided that the Singer must be

killed to stop the onslaught.

Astride his great dragon Elan dived

toward Light-Raider who did not


Giant claws grasped for the

Troubadour but could not sweep

him from his horse.

Then suddenly the Vollkon looked

toward the sky and screamed.

Ansond closed on him. The Golden

Knight recalled a ploy he had

used in earlier attacks and sliced

through the canister which Elan’s

dragon grasped. Fire engulfed both

beast and rider.

As the saddle girth collapsed and

the searing flame rushed over him,

Elan wailed in terror. In separate

moments yet almost one, Emperor

and Vollkon hit the earth.

Two Vollkons remained. One

wheeled and confronted winged

Invictrix in the air. Wildly its six

great talons ripped the air. Invictrix

barely kept beyond the reach of all

its savage claws. Each way the horse

flew, the beast turned in the air to

face Ansond and fight. The roaring

Vollkon almost deafened those

below. The reptile opened its deadly

jaws to grasp the horse’s wings.

Below the screaming skies, the battle

ranks began to close. Along a

hundred-mile front, sword clashed

on shield. The wail of dying men

continued through the day. Above

the din of war echoed the cries of

dragons in the air.

By afternoon the Vollkon had

begun to tire. Invictrix circled it

until the sun fell full into the

monster’s face. The reptile’s glazed

eyes spoke its death ahead of time.

Its wing beats slowed and finally it

settled toward the earth. It could

not rise although it longed to do so.

Invictix and her rider watched

the beast descend. It hovered for

a moment above the thickest combat,

then fell the few remaining feet.

The men of Ellanor moved back to

give the dragon dying space. Its

great leather wings fluttered like

a crippled gull. Its claws dug into

the bloody earth among the corpses

of the fallen soldiers. It whimpered,

groaned and gasped. Then died.

The dragon’s slow, painful death

unnerved the men of Ellanor. They

had reason to fear. Elan was dead.

Terr was aflame and the fire had

spread to the capital. The gates

were now ablaze.

Ansond turned to the final Vollkon.

The beast, knowing it was the last,

had lost its heart for war. It would

not fly. It perched like a great stone

gargoyle on the palace armory

where the canisters of death ore

were stacked in pyramids.

As Invictrix flew close, the Vollkon

toppled backward, scattering the

deadly piles

It could not fold its wings. Spasms

shook its ugly head. Froth

poured above its forked tongue.

Seized by desire to end its existence,

it brought a merciful conclusion

to the war. Grasping a canister, the

Vollkon tore the frail shell until

It burst. In an instant fire shot high.

The whole armory detonated. Flame,

growing in intensity, collected in

a golden ball and settled on the city.

Terra was ablaze! Hate’s final grudge

against Earthmakers love was


Dreamer, turned Avenger, struggled

to find the Prince of Mirrors in the

burning city. He was confused by

all the flame. The streets were filled

with the fallen, and the buildings

were in ruins. He sought the stable

where the Dark Prince had sharpened

his weapon for the conflict.

A cloud of dense smoke blew across

the small lane where Dreamer

walked. A burning timber crashed

ahead of him and exploded in a

showers of sparks whose light was

smothered by the soot and darkness.

He fought the smoke and, shielding

his face against the heat, he stumbled

through the hot mist. When Dreamer

drew his arm back to breathe, the

Prince of Mirrors stood directly

in the burning way.

The Hater grinned and drew his sword.


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America! We Celebrate our National Liberty and Freedom for All

In defiance of all the torture,

the might, and the malice

of the world,

the liberal (free) man will ever be rich;

for God’s providence is his estate,

God’s wisdom and power his defense,

God’s love and favor his reward, and

God’s word his security.


“For the Truth’s sake, which dwelleth

in us, and shall be with us Forever.”

II John 1:2

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In Gratitude to our HERO’s – God Bless ~

Our country, however bounded or described—still our country,

to be cherished in all our hearts to be defended by all our hands.

R.C. Winthrop

...”and the dust returns to the ground it came from,

and the spirit returns to God who gave it.”

Ecclesiastes 12:7


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Mama’s Bible

This is a poem I wrote shortly after my Mother went on to be with her Loving Savior in Heaven.  I honor her each year with this tribute. It is simple but I love it best when the Lord just drops a gentle reminder in my heart…when I miss her most.  God bless you.


Mother's Day_2014

Mama’s Bible
by Zoey

I found my mama’s bible

in the things of hers
I went through today.

The bookmarked pages hold
the place where
God had touched her
heart as she
read His word that day.

And in my heart I can hear
Mama telling me:
“Keep God’s words close,
pray for His guidance,
don’t lose faith,
He will always
keep you in His care.”

There is no stronger force
than a mama’s prayers to
the throne of God.

And I believe,
No foe can conquer
No trial defeat
No evil befall against
His children- big or small.

“For Thy will be done,

on earth
as in Heaven”,

my heart does

hear my mama pray,
as she marked
another page in her bible
where God touched
her heart that day.


…they were Given Him through the Promises of God to Exalt Him… I Chronicles 25:5


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Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

I Corinthians 13:7



God’s Final Word: His Son

In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways, but in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son, whom he appointed heir of all things, and through whom also he made the universe. The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word. After he had provided purification for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the Majesty in heaven. [Hebrews 1:1-4]


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Hosanna to the King!


He is King!

As Jesus entered Jerusalem’s gates

upon a donkey pure,

the people gathered ‘round

to sing praises for their King

Salvation has come!


Born adored.

God’s Word

made flesh

lived among mankind.

He is King!

Peace and Glory

Reigns from

Jerusalem to

the Throne of God.


Palms of Praise to Hail Him.

Lift Your Voice and

Proclaim — Hosanna!

He is King of Glory!

By Zoey 2020


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“He doesn’t belong to my club, you see.” Devotion by Courage and Confidence


“He doesn’t belong to my club, you see.”

And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us. And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us. (Luke 9:49,50)

John expressed an attitude which has troubled the Church for ages and is its scandal now: “We forbad him [to work in Jesus’ name], because he followeth not with us.” It is still fatally easy for us to confound the cause of Christ with that of our particular group. The master announced a timeless principle to determine the policy of the Church toward so-called schismatics: “He that is not against us is for us.” Welcome the service that anyone renders in Jesus’ name, by whatever name he may be called.

~O Thou who didst pray that Thine own should be one, we pray that unity to come, and for deliverance from the impatience with others that postpones its coming. Amen

Devotion by Walter L. Moore

Courage and Confidence