The Just Shall Live by Faith

My devotion is inspired by the series I have been studying by Pastor Rob Barkman, “Why does Evil exist”.  There are no scripture references today but if you need them, please feel free to open up your bible.  If you are not a believer, I pray that God will open your eyes to see how much Jesus loves you, that he died suffering the cross undeservingly, to bring you everlasting life with his Father, the Sovereign God.


Yes, God does have a role and a purpose for what happens, call it a “a cause and effect” or the laws of universe or principles of life…we belong to Him and He is our Creator.  Evil is not alone, nor does it stand in ultimate power – separate from God.  Evil is subject to God.  In this, He does show us that we are not alone (mankind).  This is the evidence of his Grace.

In the old testament he spoke of the redemption of the Lord. He showed it to Satan’s face when Jesus resurrected Lazarus (before the death on the Cross).   He will turn sinful pride around to give Him glory and in doing so, usurp Satan’s evil plots against those who belong to God.  In the time of Moses, God said to Pharaoh to let his people go.  His word will go out and do his good pleasure.  He sent his servant, Moses and then the 10 plagues to show that no power can stand against what God decree’s.  We read in the new testament, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday (old testament), today (redemption) and tomorrow (New heaven and new earth).


There are three power levels that we see in existence.  God (spirit) in his heavenly kingdom, Satan (fallen angel) in the principalities of the air (earth) and mankind (flesh) civilization.  Think about that?  God is a Sovereign God.  Satan is the presence evil.  Man, who is subject to both.  It is a choice of free will, who you will serve but in the end it is God final word who will enter His Kingdom.


In the bible I see his role….Creator…I AM…the living Word…the Alpha and Omega.  I read in his word “It is a fool that says there is no God” and it is a fool that does not fear God.  We are instructed to walk in the fear of the Lord.  He is a mighty power.  It is that same power that defeats Satan.  Do not be made a fool in God’s eyes.  His spirit will not strive nor will it suffer blasphemy.  His word speaks not only to the believer but to the agnostic and atheist.  It is wisdom to understand his will from the bible. Instead to challenge God’s role or purpose is foolishness…”for who is man that God should be mindful of him?”  He does not answer to evil – He owes no man – for he is Sovereign.  It is our place to figure out our salvation and to believe in our heart that Jesus Christ is the son of God.


Yes, the revelation of God must come to pass, as it did in the old testament.  Satan will rise to power and the Anti-Christ will take his seat in the temple.  Did not God say so?  This is his decree.  It will happen just as it was in the time of Noah, so shall it be in the end times.  God is a jealous God.  He will not let the false religions of the world take what belongs to His son, Jesus.  We think it is about us, our pride blinds us to believe a lie.  It is about his word and it will not return void.  God is not mocked nor is he a liar.  His word offers a new life, his forgiveness and his unfailing love.


It is a hard edge that I write with, I lend no apology.  If I could stand on my roof top and shout “Believe Jesus”!  “Believe Jesus” I would.  My heart aches.  But it is not for me…it is for the one that might not hear, might not read, might not see the ONE who calls to him or her….Jesus.  He is our answer.  He is the name above all names…call out the name of Jesus.  He will answer you in the miraculous, in the quiet stillness of your heart…in the moment.  Believe…again….never stop believing.

[photos courtesy of NASA]

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